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In this page, you will find how to address some of the most common issues encountered

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Wordpress Marketo Integration
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This guide requires moderate expertise in both Marketo and WordPress.

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To test the connection is working:

1. Create a test page in WordPress

2. Type the shortcode:

Check the Connection

Country: [getLead fieldname="InferredCountry" default="not connected to Marketo"]

3.Publish the page & view it

4. If your country is not shown, see below

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Check Marketo Tracking Code

1. Run a health check. This will tell you if your tracking is working correctly. Don’t worry about fixing everything, you are only interested in the tracking being active

2. Ensure anonymous leads are tracked:

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  • Create a Smart List in Marketo [Anonymous=true & Visited a Webpage=any, in last 10 minutes] which shows you all the anonymous leads
  • Clear your browser cookies
  • Visit your webpage (where tracking should be active)
  • In Marketo, locate your current anonymous lead by time/date in the Smart List you created

3. If you cannot see anonymous leads being created, your tracking is likely broken. To fix it, watch this Marketo Munchkin troubleshooting video or contact Marketo support

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Missing SOAP client

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Some web hosting services, such as Amazon, may be missing PHP libraries that this plugin requires to operate. If after installing the plugin you cannot see the Marketo Connector section in your WordPress sidebar, you may need the SOAP library. In fact, if you click the Marketo Offers section, you should see a message saying that the PHP SOAP extension is missing.

In order to fix this, you must SSH into your server. If you have not done this before, please refer to your web server documentation for details. Once you are connected to your server, you must install the SOAP library. The command to do this varies depending on your server. But it is worth trying this command:

yum install php-soap

Then reboot your server.

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DOMDocument issue/Missing XML library

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If you try implementing a Marketo form on your site using the shortcodes, sometimes the form may not appear or you might get an error.

yum install php-xml

If you get a DOMDocument error:

You are missing the PHP XML library. Connect to your server via SSH. Then enter the command:

Again, commands may vary depending on your server. Now reboot the server.

If you see nothing at all:

Most likely your error log is disabled. For this, we recommend installing the Error Log Monitor plugin for WordPress. After activating the plugin go to your dashboard. In the Error Log widget, you may see instructions for how to get it working. This will require SSHing to your server. After connecting navigate to your WordPress directory. It may be located at /var/www/HTML/WordPress but again, it varies depending on the server. Open up the wp-config.php file for editing using this command:

sudo nano wp-config.php

Change the following lines to look like this, or add them at the bottom if they don’t exist yet:

define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', true);

Save and close by pressing Ctrl-X and then Y. Navigate to the wp-content folder and create an empty file called debug.log using this command:

sudo nano debug.log

Save and close with Ctrl-X and then Y. Now reboot your server. You should see your Error Log widget start to report errors. But more importantly, instead of seeing blank space when you try to implement a Marketo form, you should see an error report. If this error is related to DOMDocument Class, refer to the previous section

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Why is my link/title/image/excerpt not showing up?

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1. Log in to Marketo, go to the email that you need to update, edit the draft

2. Edit the image section by double-clicking the image in your email

3. An edit section window will appear, click the image, and click on Insert/Edit Image (right side, the image of a mountain)

4. Then, Insert/Edit image window will come up, and make sure your link/title/image/excerpt uses relevant token. (e.g. {{ excerpt}} for excerpt, {{ name}} for post title, etc)

5. After you’ve updated those sections, click apply and now the correct part of the post will appear in your email.

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Why my blog post didn’t trigger the email immediately?

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As a safety feature, the plugin will automatically delay the email for 1 hour, so that you can always stop the campaign if a post was prematurely published.

If it is required, you could also extend the delay by adding a wait time in marketo (refer to the image below).

If it was set to 1 hour in marketo, then it will be 2 hours = 1 hour (automatic) + 1 hour (marketo)

Do NOT manually schedule the campaign in the Schedule tab – this will not work and it will send out an email with blank value tokens.

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Manual Installation of Plugin

For whatever reason, you may want to manually install the Marketo plugin. Please visit this link for instructions.